Hi! We are Joan and Jordi, two brothers born and raised in Barcelona who, among many other things, share a profound desire to see a bit more of this world we live in. 

On May 2018, we hopped on our bikes and started a trip eastwards. We didn’t have a planned route nor a finish line, we just wanted to travel the roads freely and appreciate with our own eyes the beauty we would find on the way. With questionable mechanical skills and little cycle touring experience, we cycled all the way to Singapore. This blog is the road diary of what happened to us in between and hopefully an inspiration for the ones who need one last push to start a similar adventure.

Safe travels amigos!

° ° °

The Route

In April 2019, we finished our trip having cycled 23.557 km from Lisbon to Singapore. In the following link you can find our general thoughts about each section we cycled through…


Curious about our daily routines, the inevitable struggles, or some unexpected encounters? This and much, much more (plus photos!) in our journey diaries…

About the trip

It is very hard to pack all of our adventures in just a few lines, but the following stats should give the reader a general picture of our months on the road. Further below…

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